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Sophia ICT Account Distribution for part-time teachers

Regarding the Sophia ICT account for part-time teachers who will be in charge of classes in 2020, those who do not have an account as of April 3, 2020 will be issued in the ICT Office and sent to the address registered with the Human Resources Bureau.

We are currently working on the delivery by April 14th, so please do not apply for an account and wait for the delivery.

[Account Distribution Conditions]
Part-time teachers who have received personnel approval by early March 2020 and who have never received a Sophia ICT account. (If you have previously received an account before, you can use the same ID, password and email address.)

[About Sophia ICT account]
With Sophia ICT account, you can use Sophia mail, Moodle, VPN etc.

Usually, part-time faculty accounts are made after receiving an application, and handed to with faculty ID card for identity verification. This is due to the large number of teachers, the fact that they were not required in a significant proportion and were difficult to send in advance, and that most of them were approved just before class.

However, the use of Moodle is recommended for online classes, and it is difficult to distribute accounts by hand in the current situation, so this year we will issue it to everyone and distribute it by email.

[About Future Correspondence]
We are currently considering the distribution of accounts for those who will be newly approved as part-time faculty.

Contact : ICT Office (

Please specify “Issuing a part-time faculty account” in the subject of the e-mail.