The application for use of PC rooms in AY 2020

As Center for Academic Affairs (Gakuji Center) announced, we have started to accept application for use of COM/CALL/SI (Former AV) rooms for AY 2019 from October, 30th.

Please apply by following steps below:
*This questionnaire may not work with iOS(iPhone/Pad) or Android. Please answer with Windows/Mac PC.

Application Period
October 31, 2019(Thu.) – November 8 (Fri.)

(1) Log in to Office365 Portal Site

*You need Sophia Mail account to answer the questionnaire.

(2) After log-in, access the web site below and answer the questionnaire.

  • To answer the questionnaire, click ‘Respond to this survey’ link.
  • To see or modify your posted answer, click ‘Show all responses’ link.
    Please make sure ‘Yes’ is displayed in the ‘Completed’ column on the right in the list. If ‘No’, your response is not sent to ICT Office.


The item list which you need to fill in when you apply for use of PC rooms is below:

Screen Image : PCroomServey2020.pdf

■Teacher Information

  • Teacher’s Name
  • ID Number
  • Contract Type (Full time/Part time) 
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • The name of the person who answers this Qs on behalf of the teacher

■Lecture Information

  • Term
  • Lecture Name
  • Lecture Dept.
  • Course Category (Compulsory/Elective) 
  • Approximate Number of Students in AY2016 or AY2015 if it was held
  • Estimated Number of Students
  • Classes per Week
  • Day & Period
  • Units of PC
     (One PC for each Student/One PC for several students/Only Teacher)
  • Desired Classroom
  • Software
     (Office/Web browser/Moodle etc.) 
  • Number of usage
     (Every week/Every Other week/Others)
  • Room type (COM/CALL/AV) 

■Software/Facilities in COM rooms (Select from the list)

  • Statistics
  • Actual Valuation/Chemistry/Electric Curcuit
     (Mathematica/Chem Sketch/Matlab/AWR) 
     (LINUX OS/X-Window/IMSL Library/Astec-X/Gaussian/Matlab) 
  • Programming
     (Visual Basic/Visual C++/Perl/Python/eclipse/Dolittle/Scratch/Starlogo/SWI-Prolog) 
  • Facilities
     (Headphone/Sub Monitor)
  • Others
     (CaLabo LX/Idea Tree/TypeQuick) 

■Software/Facilities in CALL/AV rooms (Select from the list)

  • Language
    CaLabo EX/Movie Teleco
  • Hardware
     (VHS/DVD/Blu-ray/CD/Casette Tape) 
  • SI room
     (Interpreting facilities/Movable chair w memo desk) 

■New software, if you would like to use

■Other Comment