Retrieving data from MyFolder (O drive) at COM-Room

As posted in the following announcement, students who will graduate/complete will no longer be able to use the campus system on September 20, 2020, and data will be deleted.

Deletion or ID change of Sophia ICT Account at the end of spring semester


The personal data in MyFolder (O drive) that you can use when you log in to the COM/CALL classroom PC, will also be deleted.

We will open COM-Room from 8th to 18th Sep. except a few days. For precise and the newest schedule, please refer to ““. Students who can enter the campus with permission, can retrieve the data during this period, so please do it if you need.


If you do not have such permission or opportunity, we ICT Office is now offering a reservation web site to enter COM-Room.

We are now planning to open the COM classroom within the following period.

  1. Only Graduating students in this September will be allowed to use COM-Room
  2. From 14th to 18th Sep.  10:00-12:00 14:00-16:00
  3. Maximum 10 people in one session
  4. Yotsuya Campus 2-3F COM-D will be open
  5. Never forget Student ID, reservation paper and USB memory
  6. A paper or screen shot on phone of the reservation


How to reserve

 Visit here



You cannot use the COM room for any purpose other than the above.

Please cooperate in wearing a mask and securing a social distance.

OneDrive will be also erased. Please be careful not to save it to OneDrive.

Please note that it is not possible to send the data individually on request.