Regarding eduroam setting correction

The authentication settings for connecting to eduroam with a Sophia ICT account within the Sophia University Campus Network (including Mejiro and Hadano campus) will be revised on the following dates and times. 

September 9th, 2021 10:00 a.m.  
We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 
■About the error of the authentication setting contents and the background of the correction 
We will refuse eduroam authentication when “Faculty ID” or “Student ID” are input as eduroam ID at Sophia University.
Originally, eduroam must connect with the following ID. 
   Faculty and staff : Faculty 
   Student     : Student 
For details, refer to the following page: 
At that time, until now, connection could be made only within Sophia University by using the “Faculty/Staff ID” or “Student ID” as the eduroam ID. However, the devices configured in such way will not be able to connect eduroam at other research institutes. 
Since eduroam is “for wireless connection at other research institutes ‘using Sophia ICT account of Sophia University’”, it is not desirable to have a situation where the connection cannot be established at other research institutes despite the prior connection settings at Sophia University.  
■What you need to do 
If you cannot connect to eduroam at Sophia University after the date of the setting change, please delete the eduroam settings on your device and reconfigure it. 
・If the settings are correct, eduroam can be used continuously. 
・For Windows PC, the current setting ID cannot be confirmed. 
For smartphones, you may be able to confirm the ID you are using by checking the eduroam settings screen in the wireless connection settings.