FINISHED 3/7 18:30-24:30 Network Outage due to Network Expansion

We reposted this article without any change (2022/2/18).

We revised this article (2022/02/10). 


Notification of Network Outage due to Network Expansion

ICT Office plans to switch the external connection line from SINET5 to SINET6 and update the equipment to expand the 9.5Gbps bandwidth to 30Gbps from February to June this year (delayed from the initial schedule).

Please understand and cooperate with us as usage restrictions will be imposed on the following dates.

Work 1 : Line switching work will be performed between 11:30 and 13:00 on Saturday, February 12, 2022 (the maximum number of NW disconnections will occur twice). However, since this work does not involve line bandwidth expansion, the maximum bandwidth remains at 9.5 Gbps.

Work 2 : Equipment will be replaced in the night time (18: 30-24: 30) on March 7th (Mon).  

Work 3 : We are planning to perform line switching work with NW bandwidth expansion around June. The exact date is undecided at this moment.


【Affected range】

In Work1 and 2, the lines connecting inside and outside the university will also stop. However, since the time to stop work 1 is from a few seconds to a maximum of several minutes, it is highly likely that you will not be disconnected even if you feel a slight delay.

(1) The following services will be unavailable from the campus.
a) Browsing the web
b) Use of Sophia mail and other mail systems / Online meetings using Teams, Zoom, etc
c) Use of Loyola
d) Use of OPAC (Including use of My OPAC, electronic journals and Database)

Since these are off-campus cloud services, they can be used from off-campus bases such as home.

In addition, although it can be used from within the university via eduroam, stable use cannot be expected due to concentration of usage.

(2) The main services that cannot be used from off-campus
a) Use of moodle
b) Services using VPN (Use of library electronic journals and connection to laboratory servers, etc.)
c) Use of My OPAC (Including use of electronic journals and database)