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Additional application for use of COM rooms, SI room and CALL system in AY2023

ICT Office has started to accept additional application for use of COM rooms and SI room for AY 2023 as follows.

[CALL system]

As we informed, CALL rooms will be terminated, and will changed to cloud-based CALL system.
When you in this questionnaire respond that you will use CALL system, Center for Academic Affairs will assign a general classroom. Please hold the class using students’ own PCs.

In order to determine the number of CALL system users, please fill in the expected number of students.
ICT Office will inform you about use of CALL system after November.



Please apply by following steps below:
*Please respond with Windows/Mac PC, not smartphone.

Application Period
November 14th, 2022 (Mon.) 10:00 – November 14th (Mon.) 23:59JST

Access the website below and answer the questionnaire.

  • You don’t need Sophia ICT Account to answer the questionnaire.
  • Please read carefully the information at the top of the page.
  • Please answer for every course and period.
    if you have 2 or more classes in a week, please make the answer for each period.
  • Your answer will be sent to the email address which you entered in the questionnaire.

ICT Office will not assign PC rooms for following classes:

  • PC classroom is not used during class time (only face-to-face or on-demand), but students need PCs for self-study or assignment preparation.
  • Only Internet, Office (Word/Excel), Moodle is needed.
    Please hold the class in general classrooms using students’ own PCs.

The item list which you need to fill in when you apply for use of PC rooms is below:

Screen Image : PCroomSurvey2023.pdf

■Teacher Information

  • Your Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number

■Lecture Information

  • Course Information
    (Term, Day & Period, Lecture Name, Lecture Dept., Teacher’s Name, Course Category etc.)
  • Approximate Number of Students in the previous semester if it was held.
  • Estimated Number of Students
  • Classes per Week
  • Units of PC
     (One PC for each Student/One PC for several students/Only Teacher)
  • Desired Classroom
  • Software
     (Office/Web browser/Moodle etc.) 
  • Number of usage
     (Every week/Every Other week/Others)
  • Room type (COM/CALL/AV) 

■Software/Facilities in COM rooms (Select from the list)

  • Statistics
  • Actual Valuation/Chemistry/Electric Curcuit
     (Mathematica/Chem Sketch/Matlab/AWR) 
     (LINUX OS/IMSL Library/Astec-X/Gaussian/Matlab) 
  • Programming
     (Visual C++/Perl/Python/Dolittle/Scratch/Starlogo/SWI-Prolog) 
  • CALL System
     (CaLabo MX)
  • Facilities
     (Headphone/Sub Monitor)
  • Others
     (CaLabo LX/Idea Tree/TypeQuick) 

■Software/Facilities in SI room (Select from the list)

  • SI room
     (Interpreting facilities/Movable desk and chair) 

■New software, if you would like to use

■Other Comment