Renewal of the website (CCWEB) of the ICT office on January 21st.

ICT office website (CCWEB) has been renewed on January 21st.

All buttons, links and content from the old site will be reflected on the new website, but please note that the layout has changed significantly. (Please see attached PDF file for details)

This time, it will be renewed from the following viewpoints.

(1) Modify the entire design (Responsive Support)
(2) Review and reorganize information design (Developing easy-to-use content guideline)
(3) Enhanced search function (Immediate display of necessary information)

*The screen capture of the manual created in the ICT office will be revised after the site renewal, so please use it according to the service.

We will continue to provide easy-to-use ICT services. Thank you for your continued support.

attached PDF file:
(2版)20200121CCWEBリニューアルのお知らせ(Japanese Only)