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CALL Rooms / SI Room

CALL Rooms / SI Room

Campus PCs are available in the following PC rooms and CALL rooms.

CALL rooms are specialized for language learning.
SI room (Simultaneous Interpretation Room) doesn’t have any PC but has simultaneous interpretation system.
CALL rooms and SI room are on the Building No. 2, Basement 2nd floor.

Teachers can use their own PC, but cannot connect it to the network.

For open schedule, please refer to COM/CALL Info.
PC room maybe temporarily closed for our system maintenance, etc.

Facilities in CALL rooms / SI room

Refer to here for available software or hardware spec.

  Units Place Printer Scanner Note
CALL-A 63 Bldg.#2 B2F  
CALL-B 41 Bldg.#2 B2F  
CALL-C 39 Bldg.#2 B2F  
CALL-D 67 Bldg.#2 B2F  
CALL-E 41 Bldg.#2 B2F  
CALL-F 45 Bldg.#2 B2F  
CALL-G 41 Bldg.#2 B2F  
CALL-H 33 Bldg.#2 B2F  
SI room Bldg.#2 B2F SI Booth
Chairs with table

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