Zoom Account Sign-up and Invitation E-mail

To all students at sophia university,

1. On 9th May 2020, we are now sending invitation e-mails of zoom account to all the students, who have not created it.
 Please follow the e-mail’s instruction and create zoom account before the class starts.
 Below shown is the zoom manual

2. As mentioned above, we do NOT send invitation e-mail to whom already have own zoom account with sophia-e-mail address.
 If you are not certain, please check your account status refer to the manuals.

3. Inquiry about zoom to ICT Office
Please try first and search by yourself as much as possible. You can also refer to zoom official help page.
If you would like to ask ICT office, please send your questions with detail, such as screen shots.


We ICT Office send this kinds of e-mail asking for registration ONLY when inevitable.
In such situation, we always have informed and will inform you on ICT Office web page as well, so that you can detect Phishing e-mail.