PC Rooms

Campus computers are available in the following PC rooms and CALL rooms.
In these rooms, you can use PC, printers, scanners, LINUX systems and various software such as statistical processing, formula manipulation, multimedia,CAD and programming.

PC rooms are at 3F. of the bldg.#2, 2F. of the Central Library and 2F of the Machine Hall(MH).

Mejiro Seibo Campus and Ichigaya Campus also have one Computer room each. (Only for studyroom)

Hours for each PC room: COM/CALL INFO
PC room maybe temporarily closed for our system maintenance, etc.



Equipment list

Each PC room has different equipment
For the details, please see Japanese page.


 color printer

 A3 printer



 desktop PC

laptop PC

 COM-A 81-
 COM-B 81
 COM-C 71
 COM-D 67-
 COM-L1 72

 COM-L2 33-
 COM-X 111

A0 Plotter
pay per print
 COM-M 60
 COM-I 16

(A4 only)
*2-306/308/310 rooms (Bldg.#2 3F) have only laptop PCs. Printers, scanners and sub monitors are not installed in those rooms.
*Media Center lends scanners. You can use a scanner in COM-A/B/C/D.
*When you print in the rooms which don't have printer, please use on-demand printer. (From PCs in L2 room, you can print with printers in L1 room.)
When you print A3-size (b/w only) or color documents, please use on-demand printers as well.


Use PC Rooms nicely, spend time together comfortably.
When we confirm prohibition act, we may stop account.

Share PC Rooms, foster a warm environment for all the users.

Be quiet.

No games, don’t hold a place.

PET bottles(capped drinks) are OK. Don’t eat.