About e-mail address provided by university

Until January 9, 2016.
There are two kinds of e-mail addresses; one is kyoken e-mail address (Active!Mail), and the other is Sophia mail.

Each has its own setting method and password. Please be careful not to mix them up.

[difference of each e-mail address]
1.kyoken e-mail address (Active!Mail)

E-Mail addressOne's favorite character string @sophia.ac.jp
Expiration date for use

entrance to school - graduation, withdrawal from school, removal from the register

Set e-mail addressFrom ID Management System
Please refer to this pagefor method.
Log inActive!Mail log in page
Change e-mail addressFrom ID Management System .
Please refer to this place for method.
Forget passwordCome to Media Center office.
(we reissue on site.)


2.Sophia Mail

E-Mail addressStuden ID number / Staff ID number @sophia.jp
Expiration date for useentrance to school- no limitation
*Students who had entered by 2013 have this e-mail address.Distribution to the new students is now being suspended.
Set e-mail addressFromLoyola.
Please refer tothis place for method.
(Except student:please refer to academy reform promotion room.)
Log inYahoo! Mail login page
Change e-mail addressFromSCS Web portal site.
Please refer to this page.
Forget password

Please use reminder.
Please refer to this page for method.
※Come to Media Center office if you forget answer of reminder.
(it takes more than one week to reissue. Fare-paying.)