Using Active!Mail

If registration of e-mail address is completed,"Active!mail" is available.

Active!mail is email transmission and reception system using Web browser. We cope with Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean.

It was necessary to use exclusive email software to read email with PC conventionally. In contrast, we can transmit and receive email even if we do not have PC for exclusive use of oneself because Active!mail does not have to incorporate special email software in PC if there are the Internet and browser.

After e-mail setting is finished, check whether the setting is completed by sending e-mail from your Kyoken e-mail address to your Kyoken e-mail address.
See "how to use Active!mail" for methods such as transfer setting, the use from cell-phone . (※ Media Center office is also distributing printed manual).

You cannot do anything if setting is not over.

  1. Open login screen of ActiveMail and log in.
  2. Click "Compose".
  3. Input your own ""address into "To".
  4. Input sentence into "Subject" and "Text" and click "Send".
  5. Click "Update" and confirm that email that just transmitted a message arrives.