Wireless LAN

Users who have an account can use wireless LAN/ wired LAN of on-campus.
You can connect your laptops or cell-phones to the internet (need initial settings).
  • Wireless LAN Area
  • How to connect to Wi-fi

Wireless LAN Area

Find the plate below to connect to the Wi-fi.
Wi-Fi Spot

Please refer to this page for classrooms in which you can connect to sophiawifi.
ICT office recommend teachers to use wired LAN on the teachers' desk in classrooms even if sophiawifi is available.

University Wi-fi area is as below. (as of April, 2018)

<Yotsuya Campus>

  • Wired LAN is also available at Student Lounge on 4F of Bldg.#2, a part of reading area in Library and Learning Commons.
  • Students of Law School can use Wired / wireless LAN in study room for Law School.

<Ichigaya Campus>
Main building:
    B1F 014A, 014B
    1F 102, Lounge
    2F 201, Mathematics Library
    3F 305
Institute Bldg.
    1F 102, 106  
    3F 311
Seminar Bldg.
    1F, 2F, 3F

<Mejiro Seibo Campus>

Bldg. #1  B1 to 3F

Bldg. #2  1F Lounge


How to connect to Wi-Fi

It is necessary to set beforehand to be connected to wireless LAN of university.

Setting Method, Please refer to this page.
Please check manual distributed in front of Media Center office.

Restriction for using Sophiawifi

Communication using sophiawifi is restlicted as below.
For security and system reasons, this restriction cannot be removed.

■Permitted Communication
-Downloading virus definition file
-License authentication for applications provided by ICT Office

■Communication which will be permitted (currently prohibited)
-Clock Synchronization (NTP)

■Prohibited Communication
-SSH, FTP, SFTP, Remote Desktop
-Streaming Delivery (ustream, Youtube, Niconico, etc.)
-P2P File Exchange