Please change pre-set password as soon as you got written permission for securing of security.

※If you lose written permission or forget password, you cannot use PC during the class. Please change password which you can remember easily as soon as you got written permission.

There are many passwords you will use during your university life.
Some system needs password of Media Center account, and some needs other password.
Here, we explain change of password of Media Center account.

[thing needing password of Media Center account]

・Log in to PC room, PC of CALL Room
・Log in to ID Management System
・Log in to Sophia Mail (kyoken e-mail address)
・Connect to wireless LAN of on-campus, wired LAN
・Log in to Moodle
・Connect to Unix server
・Connect to VPN
・Log in to Terra
※It is all the same password. All passwords are changed when we change.

[thing needing password of NON- Media Center account]
(where to reissure password)

・Log in to Loyola (Office of Academic Affairs)
・Use certificate issuance machine (Office of Academic Affairs)
※Passwords differ from system to system.

For example, two passwords(password of Media Center account and password of Loyola) are necessary when you log in to Loyola with PC of PC room. Please be careful not to mix them up.