Change Password

Until January 9, 2016.

You can change password of Media Center account from ID Management System.

When password is misused by third party with malice, oneself is considered all to have done it even if it is not act that oneself went for.
For abuse and information leakage measures, we manage password with responsibility by oneself, and, please keep in mind to change as possible regularly.

1.    "Pre-set password change confirmation" is displayed when you log in for the first time.Click[OK] and proceed to step4.
For other users, please click “Change password” icon on the media center website.

2.Screen of ID Management System opens when you click OK.
Input user ID and password and log in to ID Management System.

3. Click "PROFILE".

4. Input new password into "New Password" and "Confirm New Password". Click "Save".


※Password must be lower than 16 characters more than eight characters; must include English letter, number and sign ($ ^ & () {} _ ~ ).)