Change Password Reminder

As of January 10, 2016. Available on January 18 10:00am.
[Reminder Address] should be the e-mail address other than Sophia Mail (,
If you are setting the reception rejection function to your registered reminder address, please make sure not to reject e-mails sent from ""  address beforehand.
1. Login to the Sophia Integrated Database System.

2. Click [Profile] → [Reminder Registration].

3. Click [change] to change registered Password Reminder.
※ If you click [delete], all the registered information is deleted. In that case,  you need to register again.

4. Enter [Reminder mail], [Confirm Reminder mail], [Secret question ] and [Answer ]. Then click [confirm].
※ [Answer] will be required when you reissue password by using password reminder. So, please memorize the exact word you entered(including one-byte or two-byte, lowercase or uppercase characters).

5.Click [save].

6. Click [back] or [Logout].

7. Confirm the "Reminder Address".
If the Reminder is registered successfully, you will receive the confirmation e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Click URL written in the e-mail.
※ Please note that the URL written in the Reminder registration e-mail has expiration time.

8. By clicking the URL in the e-mail, the reminder registration is completed.
Click [close] or close the web browser to exit.