Reissue password by using Password Reminder

If you registered the Password Reminder, you can reissue your password by yourself.
  • In case of password forgetting, an e-mail is sent to your registered e-mail address to change your password.
  • Please make sure not to reject e-mails sent from ""  address beforehand.
  • If you reissue password by this process, the password for Media Center Account (Sophia Mail, Moodle e.t.c.) will be change.

1. Access to Sophia Integrated Database System and click [※パスワード忘れはこちら / Forgot your password?].

2. Enter [User ID], [Birthday] and click [send].

3. click [back].

4. If the information is entered correctly, you will receive the reminder e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Click URL written in the e-mail.
※ Please note that the URL written in the Reminder e-mail has expiration time.

5. Enter [User ID] and click [confirm].

6. Enter [Answer] and click [confirm].
 ※Please enter the exact word you registered for the answer(including one-byte or two-byte, lowercase or uppercase characters).

7. Enter [New Password] [Confirm New Password] , then click [save].
You cannot use copy&paste in 【Confirm New password】area. Please use the keyboard.

8. If error messages appears, please enter the correct values.

9. If your password has been changed successfully, the screen below will appear.
※Please wait for about 10 minutes until the new password become effective to Sophia Mail.