On-demand Printer

If you use an on-demand printer, you do not have to use a PC in the CALL or COM-room, you can print the files in the PC of your own.
Your printing point will be used as same as when you print in COM / CALL rooms.
*As of now, iOS  and Android tablets are unsupported. We appreciate your understandings.


Location of On-demand printers

The on-demand printer is installed on the following floors (As of August, 2017):
 - Yotsuya Campus Bldg.#2 3F Lounge
6 black-and-white printers
2 color printers
 - Yotsuya Campus Bldg.#2 B2F
5 black-and-white printers
2 color printers
 - Mejiro Campus COM-M
1 black-and-white printer
1 color printer

On-demand Printers in Yotsuya Campus Bldg.#2

To print with on-demand printers, please select 'ondemand-mono' or 'ondemand-color' printer.

When you select 'ondemand-mono', printed out from 'Black & White Printer'.
When you select 'ondemand-color', printed out from 'Color Printer'.
Please check the wall sign.

To use this printer, please refer to "Manual for On-demand Printing Service" distributed in Media Center.

Please refer to "How to Use On-demand Printing Service"  page.
*On-Campus Network Only