Print in PC Rooms

Printers which you can use in each PC rooms are follows:
CALL Rooms
On-demand Printers (Black-and-white, Color)
Printers in the room (Black-and-white)
On-demand Printers (Black-and-white, Color)
COM-L2Printers in COM-L1 (Black-and-white)
On-demand Printers (Black-and-white, Color)
COM-XPrinters in the room (Black-and-white)
On-demand Printers (Black-and-white, Color)
Printers in the room (Black-and-white)
Printers in the room (Black-and-white, color)

■Using On-demand Printers

Refer to here for the location of on-demand printers in Yotsuya Campus.

(1) Select "ondemand-mono" (b/w printer) or "ondemand-color" (color printer) when you print documents.

(2) Log in to an printer. Touch the screen at the side of the printer.
* On-demand printing system is offered only in Japanese.

When you selected "ondemand-mono", log in to one of black-and-white printers.
When you selected "ondemand-color", log in to one of color printers.

Enter your student ID.
When you enter uppercase letters, tap [大文字].

(3) Print job list will be displayed.
Check out your remaining points and the points that will be used to print the job.
Check the job you want to print, then tap [印刷] button.
Tap [はい] on [印刷確認] dialog box.

If you want to cancel the job, check the job and tap [削除] then tap [はい] on [削除確認] dialog box.

(4) When all jobs are completed, Tap [はい] then you will be logged out automatically.
If you want to finish but some jobs remain, tap [中止].