Anti-virus Software

We distribute Symantec Corporation’s antivirus software to teachers(*) as our recommended software. Media Center lend it gratis and there is no worry of the contract expiration.
  *Staff members who use Kyoken PC also can use this service.

Please note that the software is active only when the installed PC is connected to on-campus network. It does not work for the home-use PC.

The number of PC infected with computer viruses via the network and USB memory has been increasing.

Without noticing, it may cause the spread of infection to other PCs, and as a result it compresses University network.  For those who have access to University network, please perform measures below as soon as possible.

  • Please scan your computer with antivirus software to make sure that is free of viruses. Also, please keep your antivirus software’s virus definition files updated.
  • For Windows users, please run « Windows Update » regularly.

If you need SEP CD-ROM, please visit Media Center office. Both for Windows and Mac are available.

Faculty members can download SEP from SharePoint site in Offic365.
(1) Log in to Sophia Mail

*You need Sophia Mail account to answer the questionnaire.

(2) After log-in, access the web site below then download.

You can download the latest version from this page.(Only Campus Network)