Class work account

The Media Center offers computer accounts for class work.
The Media Center does NOT create a personal computer account for part-time teachers;
however, we offer this “Class work account” if it is necessary for teaching.
(Application is required.

We also accept application from full-time teacher.

With "class work account"…

  • Prior application is necessary. (Please note that it takes three days to prepare an account)
  • It is account to begin with "lct ...".
  • Email is available, but e-mail address is fixed and cannot change.
  • You may use the accounts during the semester or for a year, depending on your class(es). You may not continue to use them after the date below.
    Spring semester subject → end of spring semester (the end of September)
    Autumn semester subject,whole year subject → end of the fiscal year processing (the end of March)
  • We save data for a half year after the expiration date. When necessary, please contact Media Center.
  • Even if it is the same user or the same subject, continuation over term or the year is not accepted.
  • Because you cannot log in from the next day of expiration date for use, please save necessary data beforehand in the media.
  • When login is necessary for results confirmation, please refer to Media Center.

Fill out "class work account use application" to apply for class work account, and submit to Media Center office, or send it by FAX.
Application forms

Come to Media Center office with Staff ID. From the viewpoint of security protection we don't send by mail. (Be careful for the expiration date of Staff ID. As for the end of the fiscal year, please be careful in particular;).