[For Teachers] Precautions for using Moodle for new students in 2020

For all faculty members

March 27th 2020

New students are not able to log in to Moodle until Sophia ICT account would be distributed.

Students who are proceeding to master/doctor and changing department are able to log in with their original student number, but they are not able to join the course with a new student number.

The Sophia ICT account for new students (Including those who are proceeding to master/doctor program and changing department) is distributed at the time of orientation for new students every year, but due to the delay of the orientation after April 13 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus(COVID-19), the account distribution will also be delayed after that date.

Therefore, when distributing materials for the new semester or creating assignments on Moodle, please keep the above in mind and consider the deadline for submitting assignments.


Contact : ICT Office  Kawakami, Sato, Ikuma (