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[Finished] For Proceeding Students: Maintenance to change log in ID on September 20 (Sun.) 9:00-17:00

The maintenance is finished.
Proceeding students can log in using their new student ID.

It may take more 1-2 hours until they can sign in to Sophia Mail.
If an error occurs please try again after a while.

Thank you for your cooperation.


——– Sept. 18 10:52

As we mentioned in  Deletion or ID change of Sophia ICT Account at the end of spring semester, ICT Office will change the proceeding students’ login ID of Sophia ICT account from the current student ID to the new one during the period below:

Service suspension: Sep. 20th (Sun.)  9:00~17:00  (approx.)

You cannot login to the services below during the maintenance.
After the maintenance, you will be able to log in using your new student ID. Your password and Sophia mail address will NOT be changed.

  • Sophia Mail
    Received message will be delivered to your inbox during the maintenance. You will be able to read the messages later.
    If you would like to read Sophia Mail messages during the maintenance, please set forwarding settings to another email address in advance.
    *Please refer to ICT Office web site for more details of mail forwarding settings.
  • Campus Network(VPN, sophiawifi2019, eduroam, wired-LAN)
  • Moodle
  • PCs in COM Rooms
  • OPAC Online

We will inform you when the maintenance is finished on this web site.
We thank you for your cooperation in advance.