Participation in online classes from campus

If you need come to school for face-to-face classes or experiments and have to attend online classes from the university campus, we will guide you as follows.


1.  How to join on your own device

Some classrooms can be used as online classrooms.

  • By connecting to sophiawifi2019, it is possible to use the Internet. Please refer to the WEB page for connection procedure and available locations for Sophiawifi2019.(
  •  However, participation in real-time classes using Zoom, etc. can be unstable over a wireless connection.


2. How to participate in a PC in a Ken-You(dual purpose: laptop pc) classroom or CALL classroom

Some of the Ken-You classrooms (2-306, 308, 310) and CALL classrooms will be opened as classrooms for participation in online classes.

For detailed classroom information on the day, please refer to:

   a. Please use the seat where the WEB camera is set. Other seats are not available.
   b. Please prepare your own USB headset.(Plug type may not be available)
   c. We do not rent equipment and hygiene products.(Examples: Headsets, Disinfectants)
   d. We will lend out some spare only when the equipment you bring has failed or does not work.(The equipment will NOT be disinfected due to the assumption that it will not be used frequently.)
   e. If you are concerned, please bring your own gloves and disinfectants.
   f. The Ken-You room will not be open for a self-study purpose. Please leave as soon as class time is over.
   g. These rooms do not assume that you will participate in online classes using your own PC.

3.    Important point

We do not accept inquiries such as “I am not able to attend the class well now. Could you solve this problem now?” Please attend the class with sufficient time. 

If you are having trouble setting up your PC, organize what you have tried in advance and make a reservation at the ICT Support with sufficient margin.

It is not possible to enter Yotsuya Campus with the main purpose of using the environment for participating in online classes.