[Finished] 9/Jan,2023 Service suspension due to campus power cut

The maintenance is finished.
Thank you for your cooperation.

—— Jan. 6, 2022 18:37

Campus Power Cut (Yotsuya Campus)

Services provided by ICT Office will be suspended due to campus power cut on January 9, 2023 as follows:
Sophia Mail, Office365 portal site, Loyola and Moodle will be available as usual from outside of the campus.
However there is a limitation on campus. 

Please note that it may take time after power cut finish until network will be recovered.

Building, Facilities Perild Service Suspension
Bldg.#1, #3, #4, #8,
#9, #9 Active Commons,
#10, #12, #14, Hoffman Hall, Machine Hall, Krupp Hall
Jan. 9, 2023 (Mon., holiday)
 8:00 – 18:00
Campus network in power-cut buildings
(Internet, Wifi, DB Search)
COM-X, Z Remote Access Jan. 9, 2023 (Mon., holiday)
 7:00 – 18:00
COM Remote Access
*COM-A and B are available.