2023.08.03 ,

26-28 Aug. Service Suspension due to campus power cut

System services will be suspended as follows due to campus power cut on August 27th, 2023.

The schedule may be changed. In that case, ICT Office will inform you via this site.
We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in advance.

[Campus Power Cut (Yotsuya Campus)]
All network will be suspended due to campus power cut in Yotsuya Campus.
System services also will be stop including Hadano Campus and Mejiro Campus as below:

*Because the power restoration time is about 2.5 hours later than usual, the shutdown period on Sunday, 8/27 is also about 2 hours longer than usual.

Sophia Mail, Office365 Portal site and Loyola will be available as usual.

*During the period below, Loyola will stop sending out notification emails of bulletin board, etc.

As described later, some services, such as Moodle, will be suspended longer than below.

Facility Period Services
All Campus August 26th (Sat.) 18:00

August 27th (Sun.) 23:00
All campus network services
(Internet, Wifi, Database Search)
Integrated DB (Password change, etc.), Moodle,
VPN, OPAC Online log-in
eduroam on
other campus
same as above eduroam using Sophia ICT Account is not available
because the authentication system on Yotsuya campus
is stopped.
On-demand Printers
Multi-function Printers
August 26th (Sat.) 17:00

August 27th (Sun.) 23:00

[Moodle Suspension]

Moodle will be suspended by the next day of the power cut due to system maintenance after the power cut.

Facility Period
Moodle, Jugyo-Shien-Box August 25th (Fri.) 15:00 – August 28th (Mon.) 17:00

[PC Rooms]

Please refer to COM/CALL info for open schedule during the summer holidays.

Opened room may be changed due to maintenance. Please check the schedule just before you use.