[For Students] Changes to On-Demand Printer Usage (from August 2023)

The on-demand printer system will be updated in August 2023. As a result, the usage of the on-demand printer will change as follows. For details, please visit the ICT Office WEB site ( at a later date.

More Installation Locations

  1. In addition to the current locations on the 3rd floor/2nd basement of Building 2, COM-L1 (Library), COM-X (Machine Hall), and COM-M (Mejiro Seibo Campus), we are considering installing in other buildings. Installation locations will be listed on the ICT Office WEB site.
  2. All COM-L1, COM-X, and COM-M printers will also be replaced by on-demand printers.
  3. It can also be used as a scanner. The scanned file will be sent to your Sophia email address.

Change in The System for Additional Purchases When Printing Points Are Used Up

Currently: Up to 300 pts for Undergraduates, 200 pts for Graduates, not carried over to the next semester
After change: Unlimited purchases. Any extra points purchased will be carried over to the next semester. (Until graduation/completion)
   *Points given at the beginning of the semester (Undergraduate 700 pts, Graduates  2,000 pts, Law School students 3,000 pts ) will not be carried over as before.

Change in Printing Point System

Currently: B&W 1pt/sheet, Color 8pt/sheet (same number of points for both single-sided
After change: B&W 1pt/side, Color 8pt/side
   *When double-sided printing is used, the same number of points are consumed as for printing two single-sided pages.

Change the Printer Selected for Printing from The PC Classroom

Currently: ondemand-mono (black and white), ondemand-color (color)
After change: dokodemo-bw (monochrome), dokodemo-color (color)

Change Printing Method from Personal PC

  1. Web printing (only this method is available at the start of operation)
    Login to the site, upload files and print. No driver installation or configuration is required.
       *File Size : Up to 30MB
       Word/Excel/PowerPoint/PDF/text files/image files are supported.

    Word/Excel/PowerPoint may cause layout corruption. In such cases, please convert the file to PDF before printing.
    For files that cannot be printed via Web Printing, please print from a PC in the PC Classroom.

  2. Printing from Smartphones and Tablets [in preparation].
    We are considering support for printing from personal smartphones and other devices (using a dedicated application).
    Preparations will be made to provide this service by the end of FY2023.

Transition Schedule

  1. Printers will be replaced sequentially from the end of July to mid-September.
    • During the replacement period, the old and new on-demand printers will be operated simultaneously.
    • The new printer will be completely replaced on September 21st.
    • Printing from each PC classroom will be on the current on-demand printer until the system is updated during the summer vacation, and on the new printer after the update. The transition schedule will be different for each classroom, and details will be announced at a later date.
  • Those who have set up on-demand printers on their personal PCs can use them until September 20th.
    After September 21st, please use the Web Print service with a new printer.
  • During the spring semester, you can use both old and new printers with the printer points currently given.