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2023.07.18 ,

Service Suspension due to Switchover of Campus Network (Data Center Relocation) on August 11 and September 8

Due to the network switching work on campus on August 11 (Fri., National Holiday)and September 8 (Fri), various services will be suspended as follows.
The restoration time may change depending on the progress of the work on that day. In that case, we will notify on the ICT Office WEB page and the Sophia Bulletin Board.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

 (1) August 11 (Fri) 17:00-24:00
 (2) September 8 (Fri) 19:00-27:00

・Switching over of the campus network

■Service Suspension Details
During this work, both wired and wireless LAN services will be unavailable in Yotsuya, Hadano, Mejiro, and Osaka, as well as during legal power outages.
Sophia Mail, Microsoft365 Portal and Loyola will be available as usual.
・Other services will be suspended as follows.

【List of suspended service】

Facilities Main Services to be suspended
All campuses (Yotsuya, Mejiro, Hadano, Osaka)        

・Office Infrastructure services in general
(excluding Loyola web access from off-campus)
・On-campus NW service in general
(Internet access, Wi-Fi, Search)
・Integrated DB (PW change, etc.), Moodle, VPN, My OPAC  

eduroam at other
University campuses        
Due to the suspension of the authentication system on campus, eduroam using Sophia ICT account will not be available on other university campuses.                
Moodle/Classroom Support Box Unavailable due to campus NW shutdown                         

Including office PCs Office Infrastructure system in general    

Unavailable due to campus NW shutdown                                  
Operation system      Unavailable due to campus NW shutdown