About New Email Service

  Sophia University Media Center (ICT Office) is providing Sophia Mail based on Office365 (Microsoft) as the e-mail service for the teachers and students.

  If you would like to bookmark, please use https://ccweb.cc.sophia.ac.jp (Media Center Web Page) or https://portal.office.com/ (Microsoft Office365 Sign in Page).

 Students / Graduates / Retirees

 Faculty members / Emeritus professors



Manual for Sophia Mail is here
FAQ about Sophia Mail is here

About the Plan of Sophia Mail

We are planning to unity mail systems in Sophia University through a plurality of steps.


Details of Sophia Email Service

In transfer of the mail service, points of modification depend on your status. Please check the information for your status.

If your status is not in the list below or you are not sure which is your status, please ask to Media Center.


Full-time teacher
Regular part-time service teacher
Specially appointed professor
Specially appointed associate professor
Professional teacher
Transferred teacher
Special contract professor
Refer to here.
Honorary member teacher
Honorary member teachers engaged from foreign countries
Refer to here.
Part-time teachers (Part-time lecturer, Part-time assistant)Refer to here.
Emeritus professorsRefer to here.


Undergraduate (A)
Graduate student (B,C)
Law School student (E)
Course of Midwifery student (W)
School of Social Welfare student (S)
Refer to here
Exchange student (H)
Non-Degree student (I)
Research worker (K,L)
Faculty of Theology trainee
Credited Auditor (J)
Auditor (M,N)
Other student (O)
Internal Exchange student (Credit Transfer) (P)
Refer to here


Fellow (PD)
Fellow (PJPD)
Study assistant (PJRA)
Study assistant (RA)
Visiting researcher (客員研究員)
Member of collaborative investigation (共同研究員)
Visiting staff member (客員所員)
The collaborative investigation staff member (共同研究所員)
The associate staff member (準所員)
The honorary staff member (名誉所員)
Research Fellowship of JSPS (RPD)
 Refer to here


Full-time staff
Contract staff
Full-time commission staff
Part-time commission staff
Special commission staff
Temporary staff
Kyoken Mail address user
Researcher / worker who works for Sophia University but does not    have Sophia Univ. ID (Researcher hired in a laboratory, etc.)
Refer to here


Graduates who has used Sophia Mail when they were in school
Other Graduates.
Refer to here


Teachers who were in Sophia University in January, 2016 (except staff)
Teachers or staff who retired in December, 2015 or earlier
Refer to here