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COM Rooms

COM rooms

Campus PCs are available in the following COM rooms.
In these rooms, teachers or students who have Sophia ICT account can use PCs, printers, LINUX systems, and various software such as statistical processing, formula manipulation, multimedia, CAD, or programming.

PC rooms are at 3F of Bldg.#2, 3F of Bldg.#3, 2F of the Central Library, and 2F of the Machine Hall (MH). Mejiro Seibo campus has a PC room (for self-study only).

Teachers also can use their own PCs.

For an open schedule, please refer to COM/CALL Info.
PC room may be temporarily closed for our system maintenance, etc.

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Facilities in COM rooms

Refer to here for available software. Refer to here for hardware spec.

  Units Place Note
COM-A  87 Bldg.#2 3F  
COM-B  87 Bldg.#2 3F  
COM-C  71 Bldg.#2 3F  
COM-D  67 Bldg.#2 3F  
COM-X 111 Machine Hall 2F CAD (Creo) available
COM-Z 156 Bldg.#3 3F  
COM-L1  72 Central Library 2F For self-study only
COM-L2  33 Central Library 2F  
COM-M  14 Mejiro Seibo Campus For self-study only

*2-306/308/310 rooms (Bldg.#2 3F) have only laptop PCs. Sub monitors are not installed in those rooms.

Rules & Manners

Use PC Rooms nicely, spend time together comfortably.

  • Students are not allowed to use teacher’s desk.
  • Please be quiet.
  • Eating is prohibited in PC rooms.
    Drinks are allowed only if they have lid.

  • Playing games is prohibited.