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User Guide

PC Rooms for Class Use

Sophia ICT account is necessary to use COM rooms. If you don’t have your account, please apply for it in advance.
(When you use your own PC and don’t connect to the network, your account is unnecessary.)

  • Please refer to “機器構成について” for the equipment of each rooms.
  • ICT Office will explain how to use the equipment when the room is not in use, when you inquire us in advance.

[Use PC room through a semester]
When you use COM rooms through a semester, you need to apply by responding ‘Application for use of PC rooms’ questionnaire which ICT Office takes in the fall of the previous year of the class.
Please follow the information from the Center for Academic Affairs (Gakuji Center) and ICT Office and apply for it within the certain period.

[Use PC room temporally]
When you would like to use COM rooms temporally, please contact ICT Office and inform the date, period, required software and number of students.

When the room is available, please submit ‘Application Form for PC Rooms’ to ICT Office by 2 weeks before the date of use.
 *Download the application form from Forms/Manuals-Using PC rooms page.

Your request may not be accepted when the room is already booked or for other reasons.