User Guide

Change Sender Name on Sophia Mail

You can change your sender name for Sophia Mail.

*Students cannot change their sender name.

  • It takes maximum 24 hours until the new sender name is reflected to Office 365.
  • Please refer to here for details about sender name on Sophia mail.


  1. Login to the Sophia Integrated Database System.
  2. Click [Profile] → [E-mail Sender Name].
  3. Enter new sender name. Please refer to the note on the screen for which characters can be used for sender name. You cannot use multi-byte characters.
  4. When you click [Preview], you can see how your sender name will be deisplayed.
  5. Click [Confirm].
  6. Click [back] to exit.
  7. 処理が受け付けられたので、[back]を押下します。