User Guide

Printing points

You can print using on-demand printers or printers installed in some PC rooms. You need to consider printing point system.

Status Printing points
(every semester)
・Undergraduate (A)
・Exchange student (H)
・Non-Degree student (I)
・Credited Auditor (J)
・Research worker (K,L)
・Auditor (M,N)
・Other student (O)
・International Exchange student (P)
・School of Social Welfare Student (S)
・Junior College Division (T)
・Course of Midwifery (W)
700 points
[graduate student]
・Graduate student (B,C,D)
2,000 points
・Law School student (E) 3,000 points
[teacher, researcher]
・Full-time teacher
・Regular part-time service teacher, special contract professor
・Fellow, project researcher
・Study assistant, project study assistant
・Honorary member teacher
・Researcher honorary member
・Member of collaborative investigation
・The honorary member staff members
・The collaborative investigation staff members
・The associate staff members
・The honorary staff member
700 points
・Part-time teachers 200ポイント

※As of April, 2018

When you print with black-and-white printer, 1 point per one sheet is counted.
When you print with color printer, 8 points per one sheet is counted.

  • Initial setting of printer is set for “duplex printing”. Point decreases to one piece of paper with both duplex printing and one side print.
  • When you print using printers which are installed in PC rooms, the number of sheets that you can print on once is 30 points (30 sheets) of black-and-white or 80 points (10 sheets) of color. If you print more than that, please specify desired pages and print them.
    When you use on-demand printers, there is no limit above.
  • Printing points are not carried forward to the next semester, even if it remains.


Utilization other than for academic purposes(e.g.handbill and bulletin of circle activity) is prohibited.
We may suspend your account or use of printer.