User Guide

[For Student] Printing Points

Printing points are points used for printing on the on-demand printers on campus.
Points are given every semester (spring and fall), and the number of points varies depending on your status.
*For faculty and staff, printing is not based on a point system. They can print an unlimited number of copies.

Points to be given

Status Printing points
(Per semester)
 -Undergraduate (A)
 -Exchange student (H)
 -Non-Degree student (I)
 -Credited Auditor (J)
 -Research worker (K, L)
 -Auditor (M, N)
 -Another student (O)
 -International Exchange student (P)
 -Junior College Division (T)
 -Course of Midwifery (W)
700 points
[Graduate student]
 -Graduate student (B, C, D)
2000 points
 -Law School student (E) 3000 points

*As of August 2023

Points to be spent

Black-and-white printing: 1 point / page
Color printing: 8 points / page


  • Points given at the beginning of a semester cannot be carried over to the next semester.
  • Additional points (bought) will be carried over to the next semester and can be used until graduation.