User Guide

Change Sophia Mail address

You can change your Sophia Mail address.
*Students of Junior College cannot change their e-mail address.

  • It takes maximum 24 hours until the new E-mail address is reflected to Microsoft 365.
  • Please be careful that once you change your e-mail address, you cannot re-change it for one year.
  • There are rules for setting e-mail address. Please read the cautions if error messages are displayed.


  1. Login to the Sophia Integrated Database System.
  2. Click [Profile] → [E-mail Address Change] .

    E-mail Address Change screen

    ※ If the e-mail address is not available or cannot be changed, the following screen will be displayed.
  3. Enter new e-mail address in both [E-mail address] and [E-mail address(confirm)].
    ※You cannot use copy & paste in [E-mail address(confirm)] area.
    Please type in.
  4. Click [Check⇒]. When [使用可能/Available] is displayed, click [Confirm].
  5. Click [save] to change e-mail address.
  6. Click [back] to exit.
  7. A few moment after the process is completed, a notification e-mail will be sent to notify you of the completion of the e-mail address change.
    *If [Transfer from old e-mail address (~days)] is set to [Yes] on the [Change e-mail address], e-mails sent to the previous e-mail address will be forwarded to new e-mail address within the stated period.