User Guide

[Teachers ONLY] Editing Room (Kyozai-Junbi-Shitsu)

About Editing Room (Kyozai-Junbi-Shitsu)

Editing Room (Kyozai-Junbi-Shitsu) supports teachers to make teaching materials.

*When students (including TA) use Editing Room, the teacher need to come with them.
*Basically staff members cannot use Editing Room.

Refer to here for manuals or documents about Editing Room (Japanese Only as of January, 2022).


Using Editing Room

Teachers can create/edit teaching materials (AV file, PDF file, etc.) in the Editing Room.
Support staff members accept questions about making materials or using Moodle system.

*When students (including TA) use Editing Room, the teacher needs to come with them.

    Place: B2F of Bldg.#2 (2-B233)
    Opening hours: Mon.-Fri. 8:45am – 6:45pm during class periods.



  • Windows7 x 6
  • Mac x 2


  • Black&white x 1
  • Color x 1


  • A3 size (Auto sheet feeder) x 1

Jugyo Shien Box

Teachers can scan reaction papers or reports and upload them to Moodle.
 (Printer and FAX are unavailable)
*User registration is needed. Please ask the staff.

AV equipment

  • VHS Video deck (Worldwide)
  • S-VHS Video deck
  • CD/DVD/BD deck
  • Mini-DV deck
  • Cassette deck
  • 8mm Video deck

DVD/Blu-ray duplicator

  • 6 discs x 1


  • Class or e-Learning support
  • Converting analog data to digital
  • Editing sound/movie files
  • Scanning papers to make PDF files (A3 size)
  • Recording TV programs
  • Recording sound
  • Playing VHS videos

Not Available

  • Playing beta videos
  • Converting digital data to analog


Repair of Analog AV Equipment

Analog AV equipment will NOT be renewed any more even if it is broken.
Recently there is few opportunity to use the equipment in this university.
Furthermore, repair cost is getting high and some manufactures decline repair because they don’t have repair parts.

We would like you to transfer your data from analog data to digital data as soon as possible.
If you have any questions about converting data, professional staff in Staff Editing Room will answer your questions.
The equipment are shared with the teachers. Please use it carefully.

If you have any questions except how to use the equipment, please inquire to ICT Office. (Ext: 3101)