User Guide

[Teachers/Staff] Download service of Microsoft OS/Office

ICT Office offers a download service for installers of Microsoft OS and Office software (corporate ver.) for teachers and staff.
Faculty members do not need to purchase Microsoft Office software when purchasing a PC for work and research.
This software can be installed and used only on a PC that is an asset of Sophia University and is connected to the campus network.
You may use this service only if you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions.

In addition, Office software for Home Use is freely offered to employed teachers. Please refer for more details.

Available Software

  • Windows OS Enterprise
      (version: 11, bit: 64bit, Language: English / Japanese)
      (version: 10, bit: 64bit, Language: English / Japanese)
  • Office Professional
     (version: 2016, bit: 32bit / 64bit, Language: English / Japanese)
     (version: 2019, bit: 32bit / 64bit, Language: On-Demand)
  • Office for Mac
     (version: 2019, Language: Multilingual) 
     (version: 2021, Language: Multilingual)

How to download the software?

First, log in to Sophia Mail on your browser.
Access the site below and download the software.

If you would like to rent a DVD or a USB, please come to the ICT Office (Bldg. #2, 3F). Please inform the OS version, language, and bit of your PC.
*How to check the bit of your PC: refer to

ICT Office cannot distribute DVDs for Office 2019 because Microsoft does not provide DVD images.

Terms of use

These software programs can be installed in only the PCs of Sophia University’s assets.
They CANNOT be installed in PCs purchased at your own expense. (License violation)

  • Generally, it should be used by connecting to the campus network.
  • When used in Fixed-IP Connection (Wired) on campus, DNS suffix registration is required. (Windows PC only)
  • If the license server is not authenticated through the campus network for 180 days (6 months), a warring will be displayed, but no functional restrictions will be applied. Please refer Setting for DNS suffix registration.
  • After installation, please update the OS (Windows / Mac).
    Otherwise, it may not function properly.
  • Please return the DVD or USB as soon as installation has finished. 
  • Redistribution of copied or downloaded ISO files is strictly prohibited.
  • ICT Office will not provide any support for OS upgrades or reinstallations, including inquiries regarding problems occurred.
  • Any changes in ‘available software’ or ‘terms of use’ will be announced on the ICT Office website and Sophia Bulletin Board.
  • [For staff] Jimu-kei PCs are not eligible because software upgrades are not available for individual users. PCs purchased by the department are supported. 

Information on Sophia Corporation’s assets is as follows.

About Sophia Corporation’s assets

  • The supplies were purchased with research funds, department budgets, faculty departments, etc., and have a label stating that they are assets of Sophia University. Include Sophia University, Sophia University Junior College (formerly Sophia College of Social Welfare, Seibo School of Nursing, and Seibo University). Include supplies for leases or rentals.
  • Even the PCs in the laboratories, which are mainly used by students, can be used as long as they are assets of Sophia University and are shared PCs.  However, even if the PC is an asset, it cannot be used on a PC that is exclusively lent to a student (a specific individual).

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