User Guide

Using Gaussian

How to apply

As of October 17, 2017, an application is necessary for using the Gaussian in a calculation server.
If you have been using Gaussian since before October 17, 2017, and would like to continuously use it, or to start using it anew, please submit an application at the following URL:

You can use the Gaussian after the application is accepted by the ICT Office.
The process will take a few days. Therefore, please make sure to apply in advance. We appreciate your understanding.

Besides, when a user without Gaussian usage privileges logs in to the calculation server, but this will not affect normal use.

   -bash: /usr/local/gaussian/g09/bsd/g09.profile: Permission denied

Use Gaussian at Teachers’ Office

ICT Office has a site license for Gaussian16 (Linux), Gaussian16 (Windows), and Gausview6.
The license can be installed on any university-owned server, so please take advantage of it. (Limited to the Yotsuya campus).

You can download the software from the following URL. (Faculty members only. This is the Microsoft 365 website. You need to log in to Sophia Mail in advance.)