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User Guide

Change Password Reminder

By registering the password reminder, you can reissue your password yourself without coming to ICT Office.

[Reminder mail] should be a mail address OTHER THAN Sophia Mail address (,
If you have blocked the [Reminder mail] from being received, please set your mail address to receive mails from “” in advance.

  1. Login to the Sophia Integrated Database System.
  2. Click [Profile] → [Reminder Registration].
  3. Click [change] to change registered Password Reminder.
    *If you click [delete], all the registered information is deleted. In that case, you need to register again.
  4. Enter [Reminder mail], [Confirm Reminder mail], [Secret question] and [Answer]. Then click [confirm].
    *[Answer] will be required when you reissue password by using password reminder. So, please memorize the exact word you entered (including one-byte or two-byte, lowercase or uppercase characters).
  5. Click [save].
  6. Click [back] or [Logout].
  7. Confirm the “Reminder Address” you have set.
    If the Reminder is registered successfully, you will receive the confirmation e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Click URL written in the e-mail.
    *Please note that the URL in the Reminder registration confirmation mail has a 30-minute expiration date.
  8. By clicking the URL in the e-mail, the reminder registration is completed.
    Click [close] or close the web browser to exit.