User Guide


Moodle(Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is free learning support software which is available by class and is available anytime anywhere in online environment of the Internet.

Teachers can publish syllabus or lecture document, give assignments to students on Web, and evaluate them, carry out small tests such as multiple-choice question or description problem and can manage academic results.

Student can donwload lecture materials, answer quiz and submit assignments on Web.

In addition,by using bulletin board function, teacher and student can exchange opinions and communicate with each other.

  1. Open Moodle web site  
  2. Log in
  3. For Students
  4. For teachers


Starting Moodle

Start a browser (Internet Explore etc.), and then enter the URL below.

When you access Moodle from the ICT Office web site, click [Moodle]
on the left side of the window.


Log in

  1. Select [English(en)] from the list. Enter your username and password (the same one as you login to PCs in the PC rooms or Call rooms), then click [Login] button.
  2. After log in, information and the list of Teachers & Course Categories is displayed, then you can start to use Moodle. Follow the steps of  ‘Registration of Courses’.


For Students

Refer to “Moodle Manual for Students” to know how to use Moodle.


For Teachers

Once you create courses on Moodle, you will be able to upload your documents or add assignments on the course. For more information, please log in to Moodle and refer to the teachers’s Manual.

* Moodle courses are not connected to Loyola. Students need to register the courses which they take on Moodle by themselves.
By default, students who do not take your class can register your Moodle course. When you want to allow only the students who take your class to register your course, you can set “enrolment key” on your course.

* Technical staff supports you about how to use Moodle, such as making courses, at Editing Room (Kyozai-junbi sitsu) on Bldg.2 B2F.