User Guide

Moodle Manual for Students

  1. Introduction
  2. Log in to Moodle
  3. Enroll in Course
  4. Submit assignment
  5. Unenroll from a course

1. Introduction

What is Moodle?

  • Moodle is an e-Learning site operated by Sophia University.
    “Courses” are available for each class, and students can view materials posted by faculty and submit assignments.
  • To use Moodle, log in with the “Sophia ICT account”.
    This account can be used for Sophia Mail, PC classroom, and on-campus network. It is distributed at the time of admission.
  • Moodle is just a e-learning system that assists the activities of the class, and it is necessary to do it at Loyola to officially register and cancel the course. Please note that registering or canceling a course in Moodle does NOT mean that you have officially registered or canceled the course.
  • ICT Office manages Moodle as a whole, and each faculty member creates and manages each course.

Inquiry about Moodle

  • If you can not log in to Moodle, or have any questions after reading the usage manual, please contact the ICT Office (ict-support[at]
  • ICT Office cannot answer questions about the content or assignments of individual courses. Please contact your teacher.

How to contact teachers

Refer to the syllabus or class bulletin board on Loyola to know how you should contact the teacher.
You cannot send Moodle message to the teachers unless they instruct you to contact them via Moodle.

Before starting to use Moodle

Please install at least the following software on your PC in order to view the materials posted in Moodle and submit the assignments.

  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
    Basically, the tasks to be submitted to Moodle should be created in Microsoft Office unless instructed by a teacher.
    Current students can download it from the Microsoft site. For details, please refer to the User’s Guide on the ICT Office Web site.

Log in to Moodle

  1. Access the ICT Office Web site ( then click the “Moodle” icon.

    *Using Moodle Apps is prohibited. Please access Moodle by Web browser.
  2. Enter your Student ID and password then click [Log in].

    • The password for the Sophia ICT account is written on the “Sophia ICT Account Notice” that is distributed at the time of admission, and is the same as the Sophia Mail.
    • All uppercase, lowercase, half-width and full-width characters are distinguished, so make sure when inputting them.
  3. When you log in, the top page of Moodle will be displayed, and notices about Moodle will also be listed.

Enroll in course

About “Course” of Moodle

  • Moodle has pages associated with each class, which we call “Course”.
  • When your teacher instructs you to view materials or submit an assignment in Moodle, you need to enroll in a Moodle course.
    • Even if you register for courses at Loyola, you will not be enrolled in the course automatically. Be sure to enroll the course by yourself.
      *Some teachers enroll you in the course in advance manually.
    • Not all classes have Moodle courses. Please check the teacher’s instructions carefully.

Find course : by teacher’s name

  1. On the Moodle top page, click on the teacher’s surname initial and select the teacher’s name.

  2. When you select a teacher’s name, the list of courses created by the teacher will be displayed. Then click the course you want to enroll in.

Find course : by course name

When you know the course name, you can also search by the course name.

You may find several courses with similar names.
Check carefully the course name, academic year / semester, and faculty name of the searched course.

Enroll in course

  1. Click the course to display the registration screen.
    Click [Enrol Me].

    Some courses may require a password (enrollment Key).
    Please ask your teacher for the enrollment key. ICT Office cannot answer about the key.
  2. The course contents will be displayed after enrollment.
    Class materials or assignments are posted.

My Courses

The courses which you have enrolled in will be displayed in [My Courses] and you can access the course from the next time.

Up to 20 courses are displayed in [My Courses].
When you have more than 20 courses, click [More].

Submit assignment

Submit assignment

You can submit reports and other assignments to the course.

  1. Open the course and click on the indicated assignment.
  2. Click [Add submission].
  3. To upload a file, drag and drop it into the [File submissions] field.

    * Include your name or ID in the file name.
  4. Check [This assignment is my own work, …] and click [Save changes].
  5. Check if the file name is displayed in [File submissions].
    When you succeed to submit, the [Submission status] field displays [Submitted for grading].

    If the teacher allows re-submission, you can re-submit by clicking the [Edit submission].

If the [Submission status] is [Draft (not submitted)] pressing the [Submit assignment] will result in the official submission. Please be sure to click the [Submit Assignment] button to complete the submission as the draft may not be considered as submitted.

Submit Turnitin(plagiarism checked) assignment

What is Turnitin?

Turnitin is a tool for checking plagiarism of submitted assignments.

In addition to web pages and documents on the Internet, other reports submitted for the same Moodle assignments are also compared to determine how much text has been copied.

When a teacher specifies Turnitin check in an assignment, the submitted assignment is automatically checked for plagiarism so that the teacher can see the result.

Precautions when Submitting Turnitin Assignments

  • Please create the file to be submitted in a specified format such as Word, Excel, Text, and PDF. If you submit a file other than the specified one, it will not be checked.
  • When the first time to submit a Turnitin assignment, you will be required to agree to the EULA.
    Be sure to click [I agree].

  • Please note that if you upload a file more than once to the same assignment in the same course, the analysis will not start 24 hours after the second upload.

Submit Turnitin assignment

  1. Open the course and click on the indicated assignment.
  2. Click [Add submission].
  3. The file types that can be submitted are specified. We recommend that you submit as a Text, Word, or PDF file.
    *”Pages” files used on Mac cannot be submitted.

  4. To upload a file, drag and drop it into the [File submissions] field.

    Put the name and student number in the file name so that the faculty member can easily identify it.
  5. Check [This assignment is my own work, …] and click [Save changes].
  6. Confirm that the file name is displayed in the [File submissions] field. In about 15 minutes, a Turnitin ID number will be assigned and analysis will begin.

Unenroll from a course

Notice when unenrolling from a Course

  • Unenrolling from a course from Moodle does not mean “official cancellation”. Make sure to cancel the course at Loyola.
  • If you unenroll from a course, the teacher will not be able to see your assignments you have submitted and it may have a serious impact on your grades. Please do NOT unenroll from the course you are taking (or have taken) until the next semester starts because it is necessary for the teacher to grade even after the end of the class period.
  • You can unenroll by yourself under the condition below:
    • You enrolled in the course by yourself (self enrollment).
    • During that period that ICT office allows such as course registration/cancellation period.
      * To know when you can unenroll by yourself, see the Moodle top page.

Unenroll from a Course

  1. Open the course and click [Unenrol Me from ***] in the [Course Administration].
  2. Click [Continue] to unenroll.

When you cannot unenroll by yourself

If “Administration” is not on the screen, there are two possibilities:

  1. Out of the period that ICT Office allows to unenroll by yourself.
    -> Contact ICT Office via Sophia Mail and let us know Student ID, Your name, Teacher’s name, Course Name, Course URL and the reason for unenrolling.
  2. The teacher enrolled you manually.
    -> Ask your teacher to unenroll you.