User Guide

Using eduroam

About eduroam

Please visit the official web site.

Students and faculty members who have Sophia ICT account can use Wi-fi service by using their ID/password at each organization that participates eduroam.

  1. Where you can use eduroam
  2. How to use
  3. Difference between sophiawifi and eduroam
  4. Guest Use

Where you can use eduroam

In Japan :
Worldwide :

* In Sophia University (inc. Mejiro, Hadano campus), you can use eduroam at all wifi spot for sophiawifi.

* In other Universities and organizations, the eduroam spot may be limited. Please ask ICT relational office of the institute you visit.

How to use

Since there are no official manual in English provided, please ask google or ICT Office staff.
The Previous set up of your device is necessary to use eduroam.

Setup manual in Japanese:

[ID & Password]
Teachers & staffs:’faculty ID number’
Students:’student ID number’
Password:Password for Sophia ICT account password (Not for Loyola)

For Android users: Input ‘’ to Domain.

Difference between sophiawifi and eduroam

For those who belong to Sophia University and can use sophiawifi, Please do NOT use eduroam on Sophia University’s Campus.
Eduroam on Sophia University is being set up for non-Sophian and therefore Campus-Network Services such as Online Journal viewing, License authentication, some web site for campus network are not available via eduroam.

Guest Use

As far as the organization your guests belong to is joining eduroam , they can use eduroam with their eduroam id & password. Please ask their organization about their id & password.