User Guide

For New Teachers

Request from ICT Office

Here is the information about the initial settings needed after you are given Sophia ICT Account and our requests for using our facilities.

When you purchase new PC, printers and other devices

Please set up your PC and migrate data to your new PC by yourself. Also, please be forewarned that the PC environment is not exactly the same as that of your former University/Office. (That is; some software may not work in our University environment.)
In case of the PC disposal, please erase data by yourself. We appreciate your cooperation and for any questions,, please refer to ICT Office.

When you connect to on-campus network in your laboratory

Information outlet for wired LAN connection is available in each laboratory. To use information outlet, in-advance application and setting are needed.  Please submit “Application for IP Network Connection“.(Application Form) When connecting, please set up your PC with our setting manual, and please use odd-numbered information outlet on your laboratory wall.
Please install antivirus software to your PC. We distribute Trend Micro’s antivirus software ”Virus Buster“ to teachers as our recommended software. (Click here for details)

When you use your PC and on-campus network in your class

Settings will depend on the classroom. Please refer to this page. Please use information outlet on the wall in the classroom .Information outlet on the teacher’s desk is unavailable.

For full- time teachers, please bring your own PC for the class.
For part-time teachers, laptop PC rental service is available in Information Service Office(First floor, Building 2).
*For connecting the Internet, Sophia ICT account is required.
* Some classrooms are unavailable for the rental PC.
If you want to use your PC and on-campus network in your class, please check here.

ICT Office and Editing Room (Kyozai-Junbi-Shitsu) do not support the operation of devices and equipment during the class. If you are unsure how to use PC , CALL equipment or AV equipment, please confirm manuals (distributed from ICT Office or put near the equipment) or contact ICT Office and Study Prep Room in advance.

If you have a problem

If you are in trouble, please refer to “FAQ”.
ICT Office supports OS below:
・Windows(10, 8.1, 7)
・Mac OS X (on and after Lion )
・ Android
・ iOS
We apologize in advance that we may not support OS sufficiently other than those above.