User Guide

[For Students] Scanning with on-demand printers

Scanning is also available with on-demand printers.
Refer here for the location of on-demand printers at each campus.
Refer here for the manuals.
*The scanner lending service at the ICT Office has been discontinued.

*If the file size after scanning exceeds 15 MB, an error will occur.
In this case, please scan the file in smaller portions.

*Only printers in COM-L1 can be scanned in the library.

How to Scan

  1. Log in to the printer.
    *Students use printers marked “For Students”.

    Tap the log in icon on the console panel.

    Enter student ID and tap [OK].
  2. To change the language setting, tap the Language icon.

    Select the language then tap [OK]
  3. Tap [Email].
  4. The default settings are 1-sided/color/200dpi.
    Tap [Start] then the document will be sent to Sophia mail address.
  5. When change the settings, tap [Features], change the settings, then tap [Start].

  6. Tap [Logout].