User Guide

Making website (pweb)

Sophia ICT Account holders can create and publish a website (pweb) for educational and research purposes outside the university.
*You need to apply for the pweb service before you create a website.

Please submit “個人用ホームページ(pweb)利用申請書” to the ICT Office and receive written permission.
The form is available in Application Form/Manuals page.

Your pweb URL is below: ‘your alias’

Service Overview


The disk capacity of pweb services is as follows.

 Students  50MB
 Teachers  100MB

(The disk capacity of My Folder is not included in that used for Pweb)


Only static HTML pages are available.
You cannot use programs, CGI, or CMS using PHP, MySQL, Perl, etc.


When your Sophia ICT account expires, your pweb data is deleted. (You cannot see the website as well.)
Those who want to save the file, please make a backup yourself.

How to use

Please refer to “ホームページサービスの利用” in Forms/Manuals page (Japanese Only as of January 2020).
Pweb sites are open to public. Please be careful to copyright infringement and observe the rules on use.

If you post any of the following types of content, ICT Office may delete the content or link to the website in question without the permission of the user.

  1. Infringement of copyrights, design rights and other legally protected things
  2. Mental abuse to the third party
  3. Infringement of someone’s privacy
  4. Things that are offensive to public order and morals
  5. Things intended for profit
  6. Things that violate the laws of Japan
  7. Things that Director of ICT Office deems inappropriate

For more terms of use, please refer to  “個人用ホームページ(pweb)サービスに関するルール” in Forms/Manuals (Japanese Only as of January 2020).