User Guide

Reissue Password

Usually, ICT Office reissue passwords at the office counter, after verifying your ID card.
But under the Covid-19 situation, if you cannot come to campus, we will reissue your password via online.

Please note the following points to reissue your password.

Password reissue procedure takes much more time than you expect.
Password is to protect your personal information, so we must identify each applicant carefully.
Please understand that this process takes much more time than ever before, because the application via private e-mail is very easy to impersonate.

We provide reminder system on SOPHIA ICT ACCOUNT, which enables you to reissue your password quite fast, but you should register beforehand.

Refer to the following pages for details of password reminder.
Register Password Reminder
Reissue password using Password Reminder

Reissue Sophia ICT Account Password

You have registered a password reminder

You can reissue your password by yourself.
Please refer to Reissue password using Password Reminder for more details.

You have not registered password reminder / you failed to reissue your password with reminder

We cannot tell / send your new password via phone or email because we must verify your identity carefully.

You can visit ICT Office

Please Come to ICT Office in bringing ID card.

Office hours:
* We are shortening office hours under the Covid-19 situation.

– Business hours: Weekdays 9:00 to 11:30 and 12:30 to 17:00
– Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays and down period are closed

If you don’t bring your ID card, we cannot reissue your password.

You cannot visit ICT Office

Please mail to ict-support[at] and let us know the following information.

  1. System Name or feature you want to use, or simply describe what you would like to do.
  2. Can you log in to Loyola?
  3. Department name
  4. Student ID number / Faculty ID number

We will send your new password as follows:

<Teachers / Students (Loyola users)>
We will upload your new password to Individual Notice on Loyola.
If you lost your password of Loyola, please reissue it at first.

<Teachers (Not Loyola users) / Researchers>
ICT Office cannot send your new password to your private email address.
We will send your new password to department / institute office or coordinator of the class and ask them to forward it to you.

How to reissue the password of Zoom

ICT Office can NOT reissue its password.
Visit and follow the instruction.
Zoom will lock your account for about 30 min. when you input wrong password several time.
We ICT Office can NOT unlock, so you just must wait.

How to reissue the password of Loyola

Please contact Academic Affairs Office. ICT Office can NOT reissue its password.
Visit .