User Guide


There are many passwords you will use during your university life.
Some system needs password for Sophia ICT account, and some needs other password.
Here, we explain about password for Sophia ICT account.

Systems/Services which need password for Sophia ICT account

  • Log in to a PC in COM / CALL rooms
  • Log in to ID Management System
  • Log in to Sophia Mail
  • Connect to wireless LAN of on-campus, wired LAN
  • Log in to Moodle
  • Connect to Linux server
  • Connect to VPN
  • Log in to OPAC Online of (Library)

*The password is common in the systems above. All passwords are changed when you change.

Please refer to the page below for how to change your password.

Other systems/services (Contact)

  • Log in to Loyola (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Use certificate issuance machine (Office of Academic Affairs)
  • Log in to Sophia’s education and research (Bureau of Academic Research and Information)

*Each system above needs its own password.

For example, you need two passwords (password for Sophia ICT account and password for Loyola) when you log in to Loyola with a PC in PC room. Please be careful not to mix them up.