User Guide

Making web site for class use (lctweb)

Everyone who has the Sophia ICT account can make a home page (lctweb) for on-campus. Application is unnecessary.
Sites on lctweb cannot be seen from off-campus network. Teachers can use this service for exclusive use for students, for example.
Your lctweb URL is as follows. ID

Please refer to 「ホームページサービスの利用」 in  Fomrs/Manuals page for how to make Web site.

From the perspective of the personal information protection, ICT Office do not accept any inquiries on individual lctweb URL.
If you don’t know the particular lctweb URL, please contact to the owner of that lctweb.

In case you want to make website that can be seen from off-campus network, please refer to “Making Web site(pweb)” page.