User Guide

Printing from Personal Computer (Web Printing)

Using Web printing service, users can print files from their own PC or PC in Labo without installing drivers.

When you use this service, please confirm the following limits and procedures, connect to the campus network or VPN then access the Web Print site below.

Restrictions on Web printing

The following restrictions apply to printing from the app.

  • Connection from the campus network is required. If connecting from off-campus, please use a VPN connection before use.
  • File size: Up to 30MB  (files larger than 30MB will fail)
  • Printable files: PDF/Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Text/Image
    *When printing Word/Excel/PPT files, the layout may be corrupted. In this case, please convert the file to PDF before printing.
  • Only A4 and A3 paper sizes are available. Other paper sizes will not print.
  • It is not possible to print only part of a page of a document.
    Please print from a PC in the PC classroom or convert the necessary sections to PDF before printing.
  • Printing methods such as 2-in-1 printing are not available.
    Please print from a PC in the PC classroom or convert the PDF to the layout to be printed before printing.

Files that cannot be printed by web printing should be printed from a PC in the PC classroom.

How to use Web printing

  1. Log in to the web print site.
    *Enter your faculty/student ID and Sophia ICT Account password (same as Moodle or Sophia Mail).
    *As of September 2023, the login screen may not display properly, and you may not be able to log in depending on the language setting of your browser. In this case, please change the language setting of the browser to Japanese or English (US) and try again.
  2. To change the language setting, click [Language], select the language then click [Save].

  3. Click [Web Print].
  4. Click [Browse] and select the file to print.
    If necessary, set the number of copies, ‘Output Colour’ and ‘2 Sided’, then click [Print].
    *If the original document is in black and white, please select [Black & White] explicitly. Even if the document looks black and white, it may be judged as color when you select [Auto].
  5. Log in to an on-demand printer and print out.
    Please refer to the link below for details: