User Guide

Output from on-demand Printers

Refer here for the location of on-demand printers.

Please refer here for the manual.

  1. Log in to a printer.
    Regardless of whether you use Web printing, mobile apps, dokodemo-bw or dokodemo-color, it can be output from any of the on-demand printers on campus.
    *Students should use printers marked “For Students”.

    [Users who have an IC Student Card / IC Faculty Card / Temporary IC card]
    Touch the IC card to the printer to log in.

    [Users who DO NOT have an IC card]
    Tap the log-in icon on the console panel.
    Enter your student ID/faculty ID and tap [OK].
    Students DO NOT need to enter a password. Please proceed to step 2.

    If you are a faculty member, enter your Sophia ICT account password and tap [完了] -> [ログイン] in the next screen.
  2. To change the language setting, tap the Language icon.

    Select the language then tap [OK]
  3. Tap [どこでもプリント].
  4. Print job list will be displayed.
    Check if the color mode (black-and-white / color) is as you set.

    Black-and-white     Color
  5. Check the job you want to print, then tap [Start].

    If you want to cancel the job, check the job and tap the trash icon, then tap [Delete] on the dialog box.
  6. Tap the icon on the upper left on the screen to log out.