User Guide

Details of Sophia Mail service : For Researchers

This page explains about Sophia Mail Service.
Manual for Sophia Mail is here -> Sophia Mail Manual
FAQ about Sophia Mail is here -> FAQ

Fellow (PD) /Fellow PJPD / Study assistant PJRA / Study assistant (RA) /
Researcher honorary member / Member of collaborative investigation / The honorary member staff members /  The collaborative investigation staff members / The associate staff members / The honorary staff members / Research Fellowship of JSPS(RPD)

Email address

Your email address “”.

Mailbox size

Mailbox size is 50GB.
You can also use your 500MB space (My Folder) to store data when you use COM/CALL rooms, not for mail box.

After Retirement

Mail address is available only during you work for Sophia University.
Your mail address “” will be expired when you retire.

Reset your password

You can register a “Password Reminder” in advance. When you forget your password, you can reset your password with password reminder, so you will not need to come to ICT Office.

How to register Password Reminder? -> refer to here

The list of teachers’ email addresses is available.

Teachers’ email addresses for each department is displayed. (Students cannot use this function.)
*Honorary member teachers, part-time teachers, emeritus professors and researchers are displayed in the ‘Name list’ tab, but not displayed in the ‘Organization’ tab.

Teachers can share schedule with other teachers.

Schedule system is available. Teachers can share their schedule.
(Students cannot use this function.)